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Thread: Eczema - any "home cures"

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    Eczema - any "home cures"

    I am really suffering with eczema right now. It has flared up again. I am seeing my dr. on Thursday. Anyone else have this problem?

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    I had eczema when I was in my early 20's. There was asample cream that my doctor gave to me thatworked very well. Unfortunately, I don't remember what it was called but I know it had a high concentration of "urea" in it. You may want to ask your doctor.

    Also, in the winter months, it's important NOT to use hot or too warm of water as it dries the skin even thoughit feels soothing. Drink lots of water, that helps.

    If it gets really bad, use a cortisone cream available over thecounter such as Cortaid (sp) use sparingly.

    Hopefully you'll outgrow it somewhat as you age (I don't know how hold you are though.)

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    I've recently developed it, but the perscription creme got rid of it in no time.

    My sister has suffered from it most of her life. I remember when we were kids, she couldn't have chococlte and used to take Aveno oatmeal baths. Also, water is aparently bad for it, so she always uses gloves when doing the dishes.

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    I remember when I was 55 I had it plus allergy and infection on my face. It started down my neck. The dermatologist had me put warm damp boric acid solution on it for about 15 minutes twice a day plus the medicine he prescribed. I think it was an antibiotic and also a cortisone cream. Didn't dare wear makeup but I usually don't wear much anyway. Just lipstick. I have to use hypoallergenic makeup, except lipstick. I do wear it if I am going to Church or something like that. Never could get used to having all that goup on my face.
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