Ladies final results
1. Elizaveta Tuktamisheva 193.56
2. Polina Shelepen 174.33
3. Rosa Sheveleva 173.58
4. Elena Radionova 158.97
5. Natalia Ogoreltseva 154.71
4. Sofia Biryukova 153.77
7. Polina Agafonova 145.61
8. Kristina Zaseeva 139.38
9. Daria Medvedeva 139.00
10. Ekaterina Frolova 137.30

I really liked top 5! They were all impressive! Liza rocked the house, did amazing 3Lz-3T and 2A-3T combos! Her only mistake was shaky landing after 3Lo.
Polina Shelepen is a fighter, landed all of her jumps, including 2A-3T and 2A-3T-2T combos and two 3Lz. Though one or two jumps looked UR.
Rosa was lovely! Huge jumps, great 3Lz! She did 1F, but other jumps were clean. She beat Shelepen in FS, but 3rd overall.
Two wonderbabies, Radionova and Ogoreltseva, did well. Both had mistakes, but both landed clean 3Lz and 3F and Ogoreltseva did 3Lo-tano 2A sequence, very impressive! She also had the best spins, really, she spins as fast as Lipnitskaya.
Lipnitskaya withdrew ((
Sofia began with solid 3T-3T and 3F, but then did double jumps, it wasn't her day for sure.
Agafonova had mistakes on both lutzes, so no 3-3, but landed other jumps.
Zaseeva did clean 3T-3T and looked better than at the beginning of the season.
And Medvedeva also looked better, did 3Lz-tano2T