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    Entry Lists/Predictions

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    I'm just going to predict the top three.

    1) Kozuka
    2) Takahashi
    3) Reynolds, Sawyer, Abbott, Mroz, Mahbahnoozadeh, Hanyu, Ten, Rippon.. could be any of them or maybe one of the Chinese guys, I don't know much about them. I think it's safe to say Kozuka and Takahashi are kinda in a league of their own and Kozuka's been doing better than Takahashi lately.


    1) Ando
    2) Asada
    3) Suzuki, Czisny, or Phaneuf

    I don't think Rachael and Mirai will medal since they haven't been skating their best lately. You never know though.


    1) Pang/Tong
    2) Moore-Towers/Moscovitch
    3) Yankowskas/Coughlin

    ..but don't count out Lawrence/Swiegers, Takahashi/Tran, Denney/Barrett, Evora/Ladwig, and Duhamel/Radford.. lol I've listed almost everybody there as potentially winning a medal, I just realized.


    1) Davis/White
    2) Virtue/Moir (if they're there)
    3) Crone/Poirier or Shibutanis

    If Virtue and Moir aren't there, I think C/P and the Shibutanis will take the silver and bronze, but I'm not sure in what order. I want Weaver and Poje to win a medal too, but the Shibutanis have been skating really well.

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    I can't predict. My prediction has jinxed my favorites before. What I want to say is that this time 4CC is like a world championship without Patrick Chan. Go everybody!

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    I simply can't predict...I have too many favourites...( Oh, poor me )

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    How close? The question is not with Davis/White win, but how close will Virtue/Moir be? Not only the season away from competition, but the SD levels playing such a significant role. It took D/W nearly half a season to get really comfortable with them. Do V/M have a leg up (no pun intended) seeing their skate-mates, or do they suffer more by not being out there? How close will the Shibs vs Crone/Poirier vs Weaver/Poje be? Both W/P and the Shibs had their season best skates at Nationals. Both have one victory over the other. Both got their silver medal in part due to a missing team at Nationals (V/M and S/B). But it definitely feels like the Shibs are on a more dramatic upswing. Do Chock/Zuerlein have enough to keep it close? Will Shpilband/Zoueva be allowed to leave the Kiss n Cry during the ice dance competition?

    1. Davis/White
    2. Virtue/Moir
    3. Crone/Poirier
    4. Shibutanis
    5. Weaver/Poje

    Can Rippon and Abbott demonstrate why they should've been named to the Worlds team? Can Reynolds land his ninety-thousand quads and remind us he could be a force for the rest of the decade? Can Sawyer take his Nationals momentum and turn it into something real internationally? Can Takahashi right the ship and actually be the world champion we all believe him to be? Will Kozuka sneak through the chaos and state for the world: "Watch out!!" Can Hanyu make his next generation statement?

    1. Kozuka
    2. Takahashi
    3. Abbott
    4. Reynolds
    5. Rippon

    Asada or Ando? Who will the Japanese federation choose? Does anyone suspect that so clearly supporting Ando over Asada at Japanese Nationals will come back to bite them in the posterior? Can Phaneuf make a statement? Can Suzuki charm us?

    1. Asada
    2. Czisny
    3. Ando
    4. Phaneuf
    5. Suzuki

    Once more, unto the breach, Pang and Tong. One more chance to skate like the reigning world champions you are. One more chance to demonstrate that you should indeed be on the podium. Not here. At worlds. Because S/S are revitalized. K/S have the season's best program. And V/T are hungry after lesser partners and are working hard to devour the figure skating world whole. Nothing less than a 20 point victory will do.

    1. Pang/Tong
    2. Moore-Towers/Moscowitch
    3. Yankowskas/Coughlin
    4. Evora/Ladwig
    5. Duhamel/Radford

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    - completely agree with Pairs. Only question is whether or not Lawrence/Sweigers will factor in somehow. They didn't have a great freeskate at Nationals, but otherwise would have been closer to MT/M.
    - Ladies is probably right on as well. To be honest, haven't paid too much attention to ladies. Czisny could win if she has 2 clean skates.
    - I really think the Men's event is wide open. It all depends who can skate clean. Reynolds will be looking for respect by putting down 2 great programs. If he does, he can be great and medal, but I think the Japanese (perhaps both) will win.

    For dance, Davis and White and Virtue and Moir will definitely finish 1 and 2. We just don't know what order. I think V/M are simply superb technically, and have the edge over D/W in the best of times. This is not the best of seasons for V/M, so we just won't know until we see them. These 2 teams are light years ahead of the competition at 4CC. For 3, 4, and 5, any of the 3 teams could medal. Based on Nationals results, Shibutani's would win. C/P and W/P were virtually tied at Nationals. It was so close. C/P may be champions, but I think most of the world see V/M as the #1 Canadian Team. Internationally, C/P and V/M have also been very close. If every team skate clean and has PB, which I hope they do, then I'm not sure how everything will fall for #3, #4, #5.

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