Joe, Griazev is coached by Tarasova. At least officially. I've seen him being coach more by Alexei, though, lol. But Tarasova was out of town at the time, so... And no, Griazev wasn't second last year at JGP Final, but fourth (btw, he had won both JGP events he was at, just like he did this year).

Originally posted by Jaana
I have to say that the writer (Kathleen Bangs) of this Yagudin article

looks rather stupid now...
Well, I'll give you the credit for not saying it was Yagudin who's stupid, although I'm sure you had it on the tip of your tongue. Btw, it would've made more sense, too. It was Yags, who was so sure Andrei would win. I don't blame him for it, since I know that it has worked for him and other elite skaters just fine. But you can't make such affirmations for others; if they don't have it in them, it won't work.

Instead of promoting Yagudin, she should have written about an US skater, a skater who was definetely seen as a very strong contender. Evan was the second last year.
OK, I'll ask my question here. Why should she have written about a US skater? Instead? Can't she do both? Or only one thing, for that matter? As for being a very strong contender, Griazev was one, too. If you look at the marks, it was a very close competition between those two. Had Griazev not singled his 3f in the SP, it could've easily gone the other way.

BTW, I wonder if choosing a famous skater for a coach is really such a good idea for a skater, mediawise, I mean? I personally think that a skater and her/his performances should get more media attention and a coach should be in the background. Having Yagudin as a coach might make matters very different though, LOL.
Yep, I wish they talked more about him than Alexei, but it's inventible, I guess. As for the answer if choosing a famous skater for a coach is really such a good idea for a skater, media wise - IMO each case is different. In this one, personally I think Griazev's decision to go to Tarasova/Yagudin was brilliant. Both professionally, and media wise. What chances did he have while sitting on his ass in Perm?

Anyway, congratulations to Evan! Nice job. I only wish I could see the competition. As for Andrei, he has his jumps back, wheee! Òàê äåðæàòü!