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Thread: Question about Junior & Novice levels

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    Question about Junior & Novice levels

    Starting a new thread with this question that was posted in the Junior Worlds subforum:
    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz View Post
    My question would be what is the Junior Level and why does it get more hype than the Novice Level? I believe it is just about age and not about proficiency. Can a 10 year old enter the Junior Level and skip Novice?
    In the USFS system, there are no minimum or maximum age restrictions to compete at the Novice/Junior/Senior levels in US National qualifying competition (Regionals/Sectionals) as long as the requisite USFS skill/proficiency tests are passed. So yes, a 10 year old Intermediate skater can skip the Novice level and compete at the Junior level at Regionals as long as they pass the Novice AND Junior Moves in the Field and Freestyle tests by the Regional qualifying application deadline. Whether or not he/she would be competitive is another matter, however.

    There ARE minimum and maximum age restrictions for ISU Novice and Junior competitions.
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