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p.s. what do you make of Donlan & Speroff's chances for the future? I honestly think they have it in them to medal next year, as well as M&B. Imho it will come down to whom wants it more. Either way, I love these two pair teams and am happy just to see footage of them.

That said, I think hands down Donlan & Speroff have the best lines, elegance, but most importantly the best split-triple twist and throw 3salchow ~ MY GOD the latter is easily the best in the world ~ the height, distance, and landing they achieve on it is incomparable. Nobody else in the world does it as good as they do, all while maintaining their elegance & loveliness, shades of G&G, whereas M&B are a combo. of G&G and A&B.
I don't have any knowledge about details for the various US pairs--factors such as finances, personalities, family situation etc. that might be an impediment to teams staying together so others will have to comment about that. But looking at things in a vacuum, it seems like next season would be a great time for both D/S and M/B to make a move up the US standings. I'm guessing Y/C will still be skating, but E/L are both getting older and Mark has a family, and they may decide they want to move on with their post-competitive lives, Jeremy Barrett likewise and that cut he received looked deep and nasty, like there may be some muscle damage there that could affect future training. Too early to tell. I'm just not seeing E/L and D/B around for Sochi. Tiffany Vise and her partner-du-season don't seem to be able to get to the podium. Castelli/Schnapir should still be a factor if they continue on, hopefully after this season they come back hungry. So yeah, if D/S and M/B can keep improving and get really consistent, then it's possible for either to medal. All of this is wild speculation on my part based on nothing but gut and abstraction. :-)