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It seems to me that last year it was said that W/P worked with Shae in the off season (and that she was in part responsible for their choreo) and that they were with K&C through the season ( with Camerlengo also doing choreo duty). This year, I don't think I've heard mention of them training part-time in Canada , and then there was the " mentor" quote.

I think it's been good for them, including for the training environment ( more advanced couples etc. )..but I do sometimes wonder if there might be any harbouring of ill feelings between Skate Canada and Shae ,stemming from last year's objection..Of course we'll probably never know.
For I/P, Doris and yourself, I think you got it right, W/P are now full time with K and C and in the summer thwy could have spent some time with Shae, from their ISU bio:

"Practice low season: 40 h / week at Toronto and Bloomfield Hills/USA
Practice high season: 33 h / week at Bloomfield Hills/USA"

and I am complately in agreement that training in Detroit did wonders for them, but no wories IP, the two divas were all smiles together in the K&C, as we could se, Shae in her mentor role could add some input into the choreo as both herself and Pasquale became sone of the best in the whole world.