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Thread: Technical Panel for 4 Continents

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    Technical Panel for 4 Continents

    Tech Panel for Ice Dance
    Referee Alexandr Gorshkov RUSSIA
    Tech Controller - Robert Horen USA (He was Referee at US Nationals)
    Tech Specialist - Rock Lemay CANADA
    Asst. Tech Specialist - Michael Webster - GERMANY

    Tech Panel for Pairs
    Referee Peolo Pizzocari ITA
    Tech Controller Ritz Zonnekeyn Belgium
    Tech Specialist Simon Briggs Great Britain
    Asst Tech Specialist Todd Sand USA

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    About Judging Panel, I find it interesting that there are so many European judges at the 4CC whereas only European judges are at the Euro. IIRC, at 4CC there are 13 nations represented for the Ladies, 9 for the Men, but only around 4 for Pairs and Dance.

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    And for the Ladies:
    Referee Mr. Steve WINKLER ISU
    Technical Controller Ms. Sissy KRICK ISU
    Technical Specialist Mr. Ricardo OLAVARRIETA ISU
    Assistant Technical Specialist Ms. Evelyn ROSSOUKHI-SCHNEIDER ISU

    And for men's:
    Referee Mr. Joseph L. INMAN ISU
    Technical Controller Ms. Sally REHORICK ISU
    Technical Specialist Ms. Anett POETZSCH-RAUSCHENBACH ISU
    Assistant Technical Specialist Ms. Franca BIANCONI ISU

    For all events:
    Data Operator Mr. Eugen LARASSER ISU
    Replay Operator Mr. Dingding LIU ISU

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