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Thread: Ice Dance: SD Thread

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    Ugh, I've been looking for any other videos but I can't find them

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    I won't get to see Tessa and Scott's SD at YT until it loads up for me sometime tomrrow afternoon thanks to Dial Up, but thanks in advance to all of those who posted the links to it. Now if we could get at the least the rest of the top five, that would be wonderful.

    As for that one Judge...It doesn't matter that judge's marks got tossed out due to them being the lowest, whether it was an accident or on purpose or whatever, what matters is that it happened at all!! I knew this would happen one of these days w/this so called system that fixed the judging problem. It doesn't matter the skaters/feds/ISU know who the Judge is that did that. The problem is the public/fans and, for the image of the sport, the press don't know who that judge is and never will thanks to them being protected by anomimty(sp).

    The general public will see this as nothing has changed in skating and there's still Secret Judging going on. Which is *exactly* how the Press/Media will play this. Sigh...Just what Skating needs...Another question about Judging in the Sport.

    On the bright side I am thrilled for Kaitlyn and Andrew!!! Their FD has been improving every time out too this Season and am very much looking forward to hearing how things go tomorrow. Also hope that Alex and Maia go out and skate that FD of theirs the way they have been all Season, as it's one of my very favourite FD's this year.

    Tomorrow is going to be very interesting indeed!!

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