I have a question about the judges scores for Davis/White vs. the Shibutani's

I noticed that Davis/White had 8 elements but the Shibutani's had 7. Then I noticed that Davis/White had CuLi4 and RoLi4 as two separate elements while the Shibutani's had both of the same elements together as a sequence or a combination (+). Davis/White had a 4 point base value for each - equaling 8 pts. The Shibutani's had a base value of 8 points for the combination. So far they are equal. However on the GOE, Davis/White have 1.00 and 1.36 respectively - equaling 2.36 points. The Shibutani's have a total GOE for their combination of 1.70.

Did the Shibutani's lose potential GOE marks by doing these elements together? Does their GOE just reflect they didn't do these elements as well as Davis/White? Am I misunderstanding the difference?

I have been impressed with the Shibutani's technical scores.