Grats to the medalists. For the three American ladies: I'm very happy for Mirai's clean program, hopefully she can continue to maximize her potential like today. I was hoping for a clean Czisny, but obviously that didn't happen. Still, Czisny was absolutely gorgeous and I hope she brings the best at the Worlds. As for Rachael, I really like her short program but her long program needs to improve. Still, great job today and I really admire her for being so consistent with her jumps.

As for the competition, good to see last how-many-was-it skaters go (relatively) clean. However, I found scoring especially in the last group to be very inflated. Thought scores weren't going to go over 130 unless it was like Yu-Na Kim going clean with quality jumps and everything, but it seems like the judges want to see high scores.

I don't necessarily see higher PCS scores compared to last year (ex. Ando had 61.60 @ Olympics) it seems to me that judges are giving out GOEs like candies.