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The problem is, while I feel that the placements are correct, I feel that the judges were too generous in the scoring. Some of Mao's and Mirai's jumps were okay, but did they really all deserve positive GoE? The first 3A was huge, but the second did look UR to me. But like I said, it is what it is. The way in which the judges choose to score is not going to change and neither is my opinion.
Well, like I've said, I didn't watch Mirai's program so I can't really tell if she did or not deserve the GOE she got. Some of Mao's jumps were good and she recieved pozitive GOE, some not, and she recieved negative ones. And she didn't try a second 3A, it was just a 2A-3T< Yes, you may be right, the scores were a bit generous, but so they were for everybody and as long as the podium is correct we don't have any reason to complain.

Oh, and I didn't knew the judges can see if the jump is UR/DG. Thanks for that info, good to know