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Thread: What do you want to see at Worlds ...Ladies

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    What do you want to see at Worlds ...Ladies

    Thanks IP for coming up with the original idea for this thread.

    That said here's what I want to see:

    ** Rachael to get a ratified 2A-3L and a 3F-3T in her long program. I think it is gutsy of her to try this layout and is much more realistic then the 3Z-3L she was looking to do earlier this season (and never did).

    ** Continuing on that thread, I would like to see Rachael/Alissa to get three spots back. Any combination will do, but would be great if either one of them could sneak for a medal and the other finishes it off with at least a top 10 finish.

    ** Miki to prove her naysayers wrong and win the title. I was very "eh" on her last year but clearly there is some sort of inner resolve in her, and that has made me an admirer of her skating. That said, I think to win this, I would like her to do it with a 3Z-3L. I know she can do it, we've seen it in practice. She just has to go for it!

    ** Actually, I wouldn't mind if Mao won the title either. It's been a nitty gritty journey for her this year, and she has not let up on her efforts to get those jumps ready. I would like fully rotated 3As for both SP/LP, no flutz and maybe a 3F-3L combo?

    ** I'm looking forward to see how Yuna develops in her artistry, particularity with her Airang program. I think she could bring the house down and run away from the title also.

    ** I would like to see Carolina with a Lutz/Flip jump. I do like her LP, but the lack of difficult content makes it hard for me to be a full on fan.

    ** I think I'd like to see Min-jung Kwak with a top 12 finish. This is unlikely given her competitors, but I thought she had a decent performance at 4CC. She did finish ahead two of the three Canadians. And I think she could give the European skaters a run for their money as well.
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    -- I hope the American ladies do well, so there'd be three spots next year.

    -- Hope to see Mao peak at Worlds. It'll be great to see her bring back her 3-3.

    -- Looking forward to see Yuna's LP and also curious to see how she'll pull of Giselle.

    -- Curious to see how Kanako will handle her first senior Worlds and if she'll play darkhorse
    for a medal.

    -- I'm not too concerned about who I want to win, though I'll be rooting for my favorite.

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    I want to see someone win Worlds who has never won it, so no Yu-Na, Mao, or Miki. Nothing against them at all, but it's just too predictable and I want to spice things up a bit with some variety on the podium. Dream winner would be Carolina Kostner or Alissa Czisny. Heck, even if Kostner were to win Worlds without a 3Lutz or a 3flip, I'll be thrilled for her even if everyone else is screaming bloody murder and losing their **** over it. A big wish of mine is for Alissa to leave the ice after both programs feeling satisfied with herself and doing the best job she is capable of.

    1. Carolina Kostner (clean with 3flip+3toe, 2Axel, 2Axel+3toe, x3Salchow, x3loop+2toe+2loop, x3loop, x2Lutz )
    2. Alissa Czisny (clean)
    3. Miki Ando
    4. Yu-Na Kim
    5. Mao Asada
    6. Ksenia Makarova
    7. Alena Leonova
    8. Cynthia Phaneuf
    9. Kanako Murakami
    10. Rachael Flatt

    So many good things happen in this scenario I believe: Kostner's and Czisny's past inconsistencies and heartbreaks are fully redeemed as they provide 2 of the unlikeliest comeback scenarios ever! Japan, USA, and Russia all achieve 3 spots for the next Worlds. Phaneuf helps Canada maintain 2 spots. Yeah, I know Kim and Asada don't medal, but big deal; they shouldn't have to win everything. Besides, Mao's skating level has dropped considerably enough this season and Yu-Na has been completely missing in action from competition, so it really wouldn't be THAT much of a shock if they didn't medal. I totally expect to get flamed for this from certain ubers.
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    Yu-Na Kim, of course

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    - Phaneuf medalling (I'm worried if she does finish out of the top 10 and Myriane doesn't make the FS, although her finishing out of the top 10 is probably unlikely, Canada will be down to one spot)
    - Myriane Samson skating well
    - Rachael Flatt and Alissa Csizny getting 3 spots for the USA next year
    - Carolina Kostner skating two clean programs (I know, wishful thinking)
    - Mao Asada winning!
    - Leonova having a good competition, even if she doesn't finish on the podium, which I guess she probably won't

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    I'm not a big fan of the ladies, mostly, but there are a few things I'd like to see at Worlds:

    1. NO SPLATFEST! That is one of the reasons I don't adore the ladies in general.
    2. Bring truth back to the interviews. You wanna win, Tell me about it. Alas, this is why I most miss Mirai at unfiltered interviews.
    3. I want to see Yu Na's Airang. I expect it to be epic.
    4. However, I want somebody new to win...and don't care too much who.
    5. I hope Alissa skates both her programs perfectly. Then I hope she announces her retirement to skate in SOI. Alissa is far too wearing on my nerves as an eligible skater But if she wants to continue, she should, just to be clear.
    6. I hope Rachael skates her EOE SP even better than she did at Nationals & 4CC's and lands her 3F3T perfectly with no UR. I hope she gets as great or better a standing ovation as she received at 4CC's and Nationals! I hope she lands the 3Lz3Lp and the 3F3T perfectly in the LP, as well as landing everything else and continuing to improve her spins. Why? Because I hate to see people yelling she should retire and can't improve at 18. OTOH, I don't care as much where she finishes, as long as Alissa+Rachael <= 13 and the US gets 3 spots for next year.
    7. I want to see Makarova and Leonova skate well enough that Russian gets 3 spots next year for all the upcoming little Russian girls with the big jumps. I especially want to see the little Russian/American girl from the Hudson Valley, Makarova, skate really, really well.
    8. Miki and Mao to skate great in their home country. I hate to see competitors fall and feel too much pressure skating at home. Too much heartbreak

    So that's my list. Sadly, they can't all win a medal.

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