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Thread: What do you want to see at Worlds for the Men?

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    What do you want to see at Worlds for the Men?

    1. Takahiko Kozuka
    2. Nobunari Oda
    3. Tomas Verner
    4. Daisuke Takahashi
    5. Patrick Chan
    6. Richard Dornbush
    7. Ross Miner
    8. Shawn Sawyer
    9. Michal Brezina
    10. Konstantin Menshov
    11. Florent Amodio (I really do like you, but I fear you are my sacrificial lamb for this year. )

    3 spots for JPN, USA, CZE, and CAN. 2 spots for RUS. World medals finally for Verner and Oda! Kozuka is my dream champ too!

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    First of all, what I don't want to see for sure is Patrick Chan winning with 3-4 falls.

    I don't really care about placement, but I would love to see my favorite skaters (Joubert, Verner and Takahashi) in top 3. Wouldn't mind to see Chan on podium too, but only if he will land his jumps.
    I want Brezina and Dornbush to skate well and get good scores; want to see the Russian in top 10 for 2 spots next year

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    1) Patrick Chan - Canadian man on top!
    2) Daisuke Takahashi - with a quad flip.
    3) Brian Joubert - with two clean programs.
    4) Tomas Verner - I love his Singin' In The Rain SP. I'd like it if he could get a medal too, but then Joubert would have to be bumped and I'd rather Joubert be on the podium than him.
    5) Michal Brezina - I'd like to see him overcome his injury and still make the top five.
    6) Takahiko Kozuka
    7) Nobunari Oda - I have to put the other two Japanese guys in the top 10. Even if they aren't personal favourites, they deserve it.
    8) Shawn Sawyer - Two skates of his life again like at Canadians to land this placement.
    9) Ryan Bradley - I like him a little less than Shawn but I want him to get in the top 10 too. This might be his last worlds and he'll also prove all the people wrong who said he wouldn't do well.
    10) Richard Dornbush - Ditto to the second statement on Bradley, plus, I'm starting to like this guy.

    The problem is, there are so many good guys. If the top 10 are the ones listed, what about Contesti, Van der Perren, Schultheiss, Amodio, Miner, Majorov, Gachinski, Menshov?? There's such quality, the top 20 is probably going to be like a top 10 usually would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_idealist View Post
    1) Patrick Chan - Canadian man on top!
    2) Daisuke Takahashi - with a quad flip.
    3) Brian Joubert - with two clean programs.
    The rest I don't care much.

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    1. Takahashi
    2. Joubert
    3. Verner

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    1) Chan-it's really his to lose this year
    2) Takahashi-his 4CC win proves he still has it in him
    3) Kozuka
    4) Amodio
    5) Verner
    6) Dornbush
    7) Miner
    8) Oda
    9) Joubert
    10) Bradley
    11) Van Der Perren
    12) Contesti
    13) Brezina
    14) Sawyer
    15) Gachinski

    This is clearly a shot in the dark and they are also good that I agree that the top 15 or 20 will be like the top 10 any other season.

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    Very interesting, you see MIner and Dornbush over Oda and Joubert. I guess anything can happen.

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    1. Takahashi to win in Japan, sporting his quad flip, first ever!!
    2. Joubert-his quads are back, and I want to see him hit that Hallelujah Chorus!!
    3. Verner. Because he is cool, and I really like him. He shows no sign of head-casery.
    4. Kozuka. Because
    5. Ryan Bradley, having laded his 3 quads and 3 triple axels, and performing so well that the Japanese take him to their hearts, whether his style and humor are what they enjoy or not. Two standing ovations and a rink full of odd stuffed toys.
    6. Patrick Chan, who falls 4 times. (Not going to happen, but I don't want him to win in Japan.)
    7. Ross Miner-I love his Casablance LP. And I hope to see him wearing a different costume for it
    And I want him to prove the nay sayers wrong. (3 spots for USA)
    8. Nobunari Oda-best 3A in men's, and I want him to make up for his last year's failure
    9. Florent Amodio. I don't like the posing and the crotch grabbing. (Again, I'm sure he'll finish higher) (3 spots for France)
    10. Konstantin Menshov (2 spots for Russia)
    11. Kevin van der Perren, with great jumps as at Euros.
    (I like all the old quad landing guys. )
    12. Dornbush
    13. Brezina (because Czechs don't have a 3rd great guy, and he's not recovered yet anyway.)
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