I was rather down on Takahashi's LP earlier this season but it's grown on me immensely. I just don't like that movement he does partway through the program where he seemingly mimics throwing up. It's out of place in such an otherwise nuanced program.

I really hope he has gotten his jump layout settled, though. He hasn't done the 3-jump combination the whole season. That is simply throwing away points he can not afford. He's also throwing points away on the Flying Upright spin. It was SO cool how that move got called as a Level 3 Flying Layback earlier in the season (making him the first person to do that move) but as I pointed out earlier in the season, he doesn't attain the Layback position in the air or directly on the landing and thus it's not really a Flying Layback. Now that the other tech specialists are not calling it as such either, the move is not helping him. In the SP it's fine because he can get a Level 4 Upright, but not for the LP where he needs to use the crossfoot position for another spin. He should be doing a Level 4 Flying Sit in that spot.

So I'd really want to see this from Takahashi if he was playing the system ideally to his abilities:

*FCCoSp4 (difficult forward flying sit entrance, hold position for 8 revs, change foot to back camel, then upright crossfoot for 8 revs)
*FCSSp4 (difficult back flying sit entrance, hold position for 8 revs, change foot to a forward sit in the pike position for 8 revs)...UNLESS he can do pike position for 8 revs on the back sit and then go into a twisted position (or vice versa), making it a FSSP4...worth the same amount of points but would take up less time so that he can have more time for exiting choreography
*"Choreography" Step Sequence (Straight Line)
*CCoSp4 (back camel entrance, change edge, change foot to forward sit, pull up into a sideways Layback, then switch to normal layback position for 8 revs)