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Chan had 4 falls in his competition at SC, but he still won it on the basis of Skating Ability. If one takes Skating Ability literally, isn't that sentence an oxymoron? How can a skater have much ability if he Falls 4 times?
Firstly, at SC, unlike most events, TES, not PCS, actually determined the ranking. Chan won by the highest TES in his LP. Skating Skills only account for less than 10% of the total scores.

Secondly, Skating Skills, not Skating Abilities, are concerned with blades moving on the ice, not jumping off it. Taking out the jumps, can anybody outside Dance outskate Chan? And, if Chan had the same jump content as the others, he wouldn't have any fall. Would you consider he had better Skating Skills then?

Bottom line, Skating Skills are not measured by jumps or falls.