Relatively high rez pics from the qualies! If you have any requests for pics I will see what I can do. I don't recognize much of these skaters, so here are the pics that fancied my tickle:

Alina Fjodorova of Latvia (8th in the round, qualified)

Doesn't she look like a girl scout about to wash some dishes?

Alina Milevskaia of Ukraine (16th in the round, did not qualify)

+1 for wink during slide spiral

Karina Uzurova and Llias Ali of Kazakhstan (7th in the round, qualified)

I dub that move the gynoblade.

Nikola Visnova and Lukas Csolley of Slovakia (second in the round)

Medieval peasant girl invents the electric blue miniskirt.

Ryuichi Kihara of Japan (second in the round)

He's both the prince AND the pauper!

Ondrej Spiegl of Sweden (11th in the round, barely qualified)

He's bleeding math formulas, to the sound of Requieum for a Dream... I don't get it.