Sorry for being so obtuse, oleada, but you mistake me, I meant his immature "Incredible Hulk" program held him back majorly at US Nationals. After the SP, his beautifully constructed choreographed "Robin Hood" program left him I think in 3rd place! But in contrast his Hulk LP dropped him way down to 8th.

His jumps are phenomenal, he even went for the quad at US Nationals in the FS (btw he applauded both of Ryan Bradley's terrific quads during the warmup), but Keegan needs to work on his presentation (his problem is opposite of Jason Brown). When given a terrific program like "Robin Hood" Keegan is up there with the best in the world, he just needs the right program.

Anyhow, this young man is one to watch that's for sure.

And as an American, I have to say I am proud of ALL three ~ Keegan, Aaron, and Jason ~ BRAVO, BRAVO!