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Geeze, it's lucky I got up early and decided to check in here because I honestly didn't expect the Ladies FS to start so soon. It seems like I just posted on the Mens FS not too long ago, just last night in fact! And now this, lol. :D

Anyhow, nice to see the American Ladies did just as well as the American Men did last night. The men were 4-5-7, and now the women are 3-4-6. But most importantly both earned 3 spots for next year. Here's hoping the Seniors complete the same task at Worlds! (:^)

Btw, I glanced at their Sps yesterday and imho Agnes Zawadzki is the only one that has gone through puberty completely. She looks out of place out there with the juniors. Here's hoping she's done with jrs. for good and can competes solely in the sr. division next year! *cheers*
Just because Agnes doesn't have a little 14 yr old body, doesn't mean she's out of place in Jrs. She's only 16 for goodness sake.