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Thread: 2011 World Figure Skating Championships on TV

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    If cbc or other Canadian service will really be live streaming the competition, then there is a possibility for those frustrated US fans that are willing to watch on computer and have a broadband connection: get VPN (Virtual Private Network) software with a Canadian-based server, even if it's on a temporary trial basis for a week or two, after which you abandon it. Some VPN companies even offer a free or low-cost short trial with no obligation, should be able to find something to cover this period for US$5-10. You'll need to do some research as to companies, and make sure they have a Canada-based server option so you get a secure virtual "tunnel" to Canada. When you find something you'll need to download the software and get a login/password. Normally VPN's can be turned on or off once they are installed, so you can connect to your regular internet service/USA ISP without the VPN, but turn it on (if a multi-server location option, open the Canada server connection), and lo and behold, everyone on the internet including cbc and bold thinks you are in Canada because your IP address will now be in Canada. I have to use a VPN from China to access a multitude of non-skating sites and I have a Canada server option--it does work to get around geoblocking. I can get skatebuzz, cbc, etc. when using the Canada server. For US residents, I suggest a Canada server will be the best option rather than something like a Japanese server because the distance the signal travels is shorter and the infrastructure/bandwidth usually better than when going over ocean routes--and that always helps the streaming quality. Another option to consider, anyway.
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