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Thread: Yuzuru Hanyu Soccer Opening

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    Yuzuru Hanyu Soccer Opening

    I just wanted to share this with fellow Yuzuru fans because it is soo adorable >.<
    That bird mascot thing..... I didn't know where I was suppose to post this so I hope posting it here is ok.... I cannot wait to see him again next season! It looks like he is getting really big in Japan.

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    Thank you so much FT Noona for sharing this. It brighten the day up for me.

    I hope with all my hard that people in Northeast Japan, Yuzuru, his family and his coach received the minimum effect by this Earth Quake/ Tsunami. I can't wait to see him skate again and his program next season!

    Go Yuzuru! I know you will be alright!

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    What a cute baby bird he is!

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