I wonder what will happen now to the NHK trophy. There is the possibility that the recent earthquake could trigger an eruption of Mt Fuji, which would close Narita, and other Japanese airports for quite some time. The ash cloud such an eruption would generate would cause total chaos in the Japanese air traffic system.

The 1707 Hoei earthquake, magnitude 8.6, is believed to have triggered an eruption of Fuji a few months later. Whether or not the recent earthquake will trigger an eruption is uncertain. Earthquakes in 1924 (magnitude 8.4) and 1932 (Magnitude 8.6) did not trigger an eruption, but the mountain is considered overdue for an eruption.

What happens if such an eruption cuases cancellation of NHK trophy? Does the ISU just go with the other 5 events, and determine the GP final from that, or would try and find another event somewhere to replace NHK?