Men - Its a downer for the Japanese boys but maybe one of them will find a renewed spirit to fight through the uncontrollable and give it his all... And win?

Chan brings his own energy, so it will not affect him. Similarly with Amodio who may be happier to be closer to home. Joubert is Joubert wherever he goes. Will not affect him. The European Men will take it in their stride. The newbie American Boys are just puzzled about all this as they are about being part of the Team, and Bradley may just step up his game if those more podium favored lose their footing.

It's still not difficult to name the Top Ten, but maybe the risky predictions need another look at.

The Ladies including the Japanese Ladies are not strangers to Europe and this should not affect them. All the others will not be affected also. As are the Ice Dancers, and Pairs.

It still will be a great competition, or do you think it lost some steam?