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Thread: Skaters' reactions and strategies for delayed Worlds 2011

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    Skaters' reactions and strategies for delayed Worlds 2011

    Skaters react to rescheduled Worlds :Meryl Davis, Rachael Flatt, Michal Brezina, and Mark Ladwig speak.

    Alissa Czisny's coach has conflict with new dates for World Figure Skating Championships; V/M and D/W put Worlds first.

    Coach: Time management is key for Chan, and some ballroom dancing!

    Miner appreciative for chance to compete . Yuzuru's rink in Sendai is gone.

    And Phil Hersh, who doesn't compete at Worlds: My view: Cancelling world figure skating still was the best option
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    Thanks for the links.

    It seems strange that Phil Hersh feels that canceling worlds would have "showed respect for the Japoanese people," but that he himself intends to cover it, business as usual. I guess it is other people who should stop doing their jobs to show respect.

    I hope Jason Dungjen is able to find a way to jet back and forth to be with Alissa. Watching them interact at the boards, it is clear what a settling influence he is for her.

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    All those speaking about the change of venue, have that right to do so. The change has taken place. They are first and foremost competitive skaters.. This is a competition. They don't have to compete if they do not want to. That is their prerogative, but if they do, and with that attitude, I believe they will be less competitive.

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    I am glad that they are still having worlds but for some reason I am soooo over this season!!

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    Today is the anniversary of Daisuke Takahashi's historic win in figure skating world championships, becoming the first Japanese man to win the title.

    I hope mot, genki, and other Japanese members of this board will give us some update of how the Japanese skaters are doing these days and how they are preparing for the rescheduled Worlds.

    Takahashi's public practice a few hours before the quake.. Quads?

    Also belated Happy Birthday to Dai who turned 25 on March 16.
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    I'm not quite sure where to put this..This just went up on today. Those inside the skating world may be familiar with training regimen at CS ,so this may be old stuff, but I found it interesting. Kurt browning interviews Christy Krall :

    hoping to see both Dai and Patrick at their best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFiguring View Post
    I hope mot, genki, and other Japanese members of this board will give us some update of how the Japanese skaters are doing these days and how they are preparing for the rescheduled Worlds.

    I've posted this on the different board a few days ago, so some of you may have read this already... but here we go.

    Translated by me;

    Hearing the news that the alternative location for the Worlds has been decided, Japanese skaters and coaches show their eagerness to compete.

    Murakami, who has shown great improvement this season and will compete at the World Championships for the first time, said, 'it's my first time to be in Russia so I cannot imagine how it is like to be there. However, I am very excited. We've got enough time to prepare for it well.' She seemed to be looking forward to the big event.

    Nobuo Sato, a coach of both Asada and Kozuka, said with optimism, 'one month is just about enough for peaking again. Moscow is not too far and thus it is slightly easier (than any other candidate locations).'

    ETA: Here's another article - Kanako's making the most of the postponement.

    (I skip the bit explaining the Worlds been relocated & rescheduled, etc)

    Upon announcement of new dates and location, Mao Asada expressed her determination (to win), 'I have now the set goal to work hard to give all I've got.' Nobuo Sato, who coaches both Asada and Takahiko Kozuka, said, 'One month is just about enough to peak again. We'll be busy from now on.'

    Kanako Murakami, who is going to the Worlds for the first time, changed her boots which were wearing out, as soon as the postponement of the even was announced. She said this has removed a concern.


    BTW, some members of Kansai University Skating Club stood in front of Takatsuki Station in Osaka with a donation box, appealing for the passers-by to donate money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami yesterday - including Nobunari Oda, Satsuki Muramoto, Takeshi Honda (coach), Yamato Tamura (coach).
    Nana Takeda also did the same in Tokyo with those belong to the same management agency as hers.
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