thank you, mot, for the helpful translations.

i am sure many hearts will be rooting extra hard for the japanese team in light of recent events. i myself am torn between feeling irked and feeling appreciative of cinquanta's 'special treatment' remark, with regards to the japanese delegate. i am not quoting him word for word, but i'm sure people have seen that remark in print.

if mao wins, or miki wins, i want it to be crystal clear that zero special treatment entered into the equation, and if yeonah wins i hope that's very clear cut also. i am sure speedy meant well and is only recognizing how difficult it has been for JSF and everyone from japan, including the skaters and their coaches, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

on the other hand, clear cut results usually mean there's a big drop off between first place and 2nd place, 2nd place and 3rd place, and i would like to see everyone do well. this year i love many skaters' long programs--carolina kostner's, for instance.

oh the heck with it. i just want a great competition--i want to see at least mao, miki, and yeonah skate their absolute best--especially because i like yeonah AND mao. and since yeonah is skating giselle and probably bulletproof in shows, there might not be another performance of arirang to look forward to. and if there's controversy about the scoring, well, that's par for the course, even in years without earthquake and tsunami having caused Worlds to be moved.