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Thread: Canadians Brodeur and Mattatall retire...

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    News Canadians Brodeur and Mattatall retire...

    Canadian Pair Medalists Brodeur and Mattatall Retire From Amateur Skating

    OTTAWA, ON : The Canadian pair team of Mylène Brodeur, 23, Stanbridge-Station, Que., John Mattatall, 28, Wallace , N.S. , has decided to retire from the amateur ranks of skating after five years of partnership.

    Brodeur and Mattatall had both previously skated in singles and Mattatall competed in pair with other partners before they found success together when they paired up in March 2006. Their first international assignment was the 2006 Nebelhorn Trophy where they placed an impressive fourth as a rookie team. They went on to win a bronze medal at the Canadian Championships in 2009 and held a spot on the national team until their retirement. In 2009 they also qualified for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships placing 10th in Los Angeles .

    “Mylène and John have always represented themselves and Canada respectfully and with sportsmanship. As veterans of the national team their experience will be missed and Skate Canada wishes nothing but the best to both athletes,” said Mike Slipchuk , Skate Canada High Performance Director.

    Both skaters are planning to return to school. Mattatall has applied for university in both Nova Scotia and Quebec and is planning on going back to school full-time in the fall to pursue his undergraduate degree. He will also continue to coach skating. Brodeur is currently enrolled in a social sciences course and after that she is thinking of pursuing her real estate agent certification.

    Brodeur and Mattatall took some time to say thanks to people and organizations that have helped them along the way.

    “We are hanging up the blades after five great and unforgettable years together. I would like to thank John for so many things. First of all, for being the one who gave me a chance to get into pairs skating and live all these incredible experiences. I would also like to thank him for making every day so pleasant at the rink. I would also thank my coaches for helping me get better day after day and helping me reach my goals. My family for being my faithful supporters for all these years and also my husband who has been just fantastic by being beside me and being available when I needed someone to listen to me and finally the fans that followed us that were just amazing,” said Brodeur.

    “First of all I would like to thank my partner Mylène for letting me into her life and allowing me to share all the great experiences with her. She was simply a pleasure to work with. Thanks need to be made to the Nova Scotia Section for sticking with me throughout the good and tough years and to the World Legacy Committee for believing in our abilities. Skate Canada for all the phenomenal opportunities and great places they've taken me to and wonderful people they have exposed me to. Thanks to Annette Hiltz for giving me my start. Cheryl St. Georges, Lindsay Caruthers and Julie Cassie for opening my eyes to other venues of skating to explore, the Mariposa staff for the four years spent there, Richard Gauthier, Manon Perron, Bruno Marcotte, Julie Marcotte and Sylvie Fullum for all their hard work and dedication to helping us along. And finally my parents for always supporting and trusting my decisions and giving me room to live my life and take this amazing journey,” said Mattatall.

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    Best wishes to both Mylene and John in their new endeavours. They will be sincerely missed. I'm sure John will be a fabulous coach. I had the pleasure of sitting near the KnC at Nationals this year, and I was so impressed with the final flight of pairs skaters in particular. Between KMT/Dylan, Paige/Rudy, and Mylene/John there was a tremendous comraderie and respect. They had a lot of fun together, and competed hard against each other. It was really exciting. To me, this was a great model for the sport, and for being Canadian. The dance event was amazing to watch, but the pairs competition was far and away the most fun to watch because the athletes themselves were clearly enjoying themselves and each other's company. All of these skaters have a great sense of humour, and don't take themselves too seriously. While I completely understand their desire to move on to the rest of their lives, I am a little sad to see Mylene and John leave competitive skating.

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    Best of luck to both of them. I will miss seeing them skate.
    I didn't realize that Mylene was married...I actually thought that I had read (a few years ago) that she and John were a couple!

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