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Thread: Will The Shibutani's Get A Top 6 Finish in World Debut?

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    Will The Shibutani's Get A Top 6 Finish in World Debut?

    If we combine the total scores from Europeans and Four Continents:

    172.03 Davis / White
    167.40 Pechalat / Bourzat
    161.14 Bobroba / Soloviev
    157.49 Kerr / Kerr
    155.38 Shibutani / Shibutani
    153.48 Ilinykh / Katsalapov
    151.83 Crone / Poirier
    151.14 Weaver / Poje
    145.92 Faiella / Scali
    145.05 Riazanova / Tkachenko
    WD Virtue / Moir

    This puts the Shibutani's in line to be on the first page at Worlds. We'll see whether the judges will give the Russian ice dancers more points, and the Shibutani's SD is their weaker event, which may not set them up well for their crisp FD. Virtue / Moir are poised to return at Worlds, but the Kerrs have withdrawn.

    What do you think of their chances?

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    Interesting. The whole top 10 is interesting now. Kerr's are not going to be there due to injury. Faiella/Scali are retired. It's looking better and better that there will be 3 Canadian teams in the top 10, and 3 spots secured for Canada in next year's worlds. While I think Virtue/Moir and Davis/White are going to be 1 and 2 in some order, and Pechalat/Bourzat are very likely to finish in 3rd, the rest of them could really finish in any order, depending on who skates the best on the days.

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    I absolutely believe that the Shibs have an excellent chance at the top six finish.

    I predict that 1 & will be V/M & D/W in either order;
    the third place will be P/B;
    the 4th to be B/S.

    Less certain are the 5th and the 6th place winners. Likely candidates are the Shibs, I/K, C/P, and W/P (since the Kerrs and F/S are out of the Worlds). Among four teams, the Shibs are the highest scored couple in light of European/4CC competitions.

    In my opinion, the Shibs are also the most improved couple over the season among their competitors. So if they stay on the current trajectory, they could finish as high as the 5th place.

    I also would like to see them within the 6th place so that they can be seeded for the 2011 GP events. One thing that worked for their placement disadvantage for the current season was that the Shibs entered into the same GP events as D/W (both NHK Trophy & SA).

    Being the senior debutantes, it might have been helpful for the Shibs to travel with more experienced senior team mates, but it also meant that they were almost guaranteed to place no higher than the second place. Unintended beneficiaries were C/Z, that did not have to compete with neither D/W, the Shibs, nor S/B (due to injury).

    Winning the silver medal at nationals means that it's highly unlikely for the Shibs to enter into the same GP events with D/W. However, I would like to see that the Shibs have better probability for placing as high as possible at any GP events for the next season.
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    I think it's going to be..

    1) VM or DW
    2) VM or DW
    3) PB
    4) BS

    Then either CP or the Shibs. So, yes, I think they will make the top 10. I don't think that they will have a problem beating IK honestly. WP are a question mark, it depends on if they make mistakes in the FD.

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    I honestly think the Shibs could maybe come in 3rd at Worlds. I'm not convinced P/B will beat them. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I think 4th-6th place is definitely reasonable and I'd be surprised if they didn't finish in the top 6. I think they shouldn't have an issue finishing ahead of I/K just where Nikita has been having twizzle issues all season and I don't think their FD suits them very well, meanwhile the Shibs have been on a roll this whole season.

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    Beat P/B? Neverrrrr.. well, at least not this year.

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