If we combine the total scores from Europeans and Four Continents:

172.03 Davis / White
167.40 Pechalat / Bourzat
161.14 Bobroba / Soloviev
157.49 Kerr / Kerr
155.38 Shibutani / Shibutani
153.48 Ilinykh / Katsalapov
151.83 Crone / Poirier
151.14 Weaver / Poje
145.92 Faiella / Scali
145.05 Riazanova / Tkachenko
WD Virtue / Moir

This puts the Shibutani's in line to be on the first page at Worlds. We'll see whether the judges will give the Russian ice dancers more points, and the Shibutani's SD is their weaker event, which may not set them up well for their crisp FD. Virtue / Moir are poised to return at Worlds, but the Kerrs have withdrawn.

What do you think of their chances?