I went to Stars on Ice this week. I was so impressed with some skaters that I saw perform live for the first time -- particularly Joannie Rochette and Sale & Pelltier (they were phenomenal) and I especially loved Sale/Pelletier's "Wild Horses" routine. I don't think they translate as well on TV - I like them on TV but I think something is lost, they are much more graceful and spectacular in person. It was so good to see Kurt Browning again. Evan Lysachek was there too - he is so fit - and skated a lovely program to "The Climb" - what a great skater, that was my first time seeing him skate live as well, which was a treat. The overall show is just a ghost of what it once was, prob. due to budget cuts, which is sad - back in the late 1990's early 2000's when Kristi, Tara Lipinski, Ilia Kulik and Paul Wylie were in the show it was one of the best shows (of any kind) that I have ever seen. I hope they come back next year - for anyone interested there were many seats available and online at a discount so if you love skating, look to see if they are coming to a town near you, you can probably still get tickets.