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There doesn't seem to be much doubt that ice dancing became much more athletic under IJS. Going forward to next year though, they've kept the lift requirement the same for the SD (1 short and 1 optional transition lift). For the FD, they reduced the optional transition lift to just 1.
I am glad to see that for the FD, they reduced the optional lift to just one. Six lifts on slightly more than a four minutes program seem an awful lot. Though I'm not against the lift per se, lifts can "chop up" the flow of overall choreography, let alone some of those lifts can be dangerous. Those are what I am against.

For instance, in their attempt to push the sport's boundary, especically the Canton group has introduced kind of lifts that the female partners mount on their male partners' thigh with skating blades, e.g., Tessa, Meryl, and Maia. I'm sure their male partners are well-toned/trained, but it cannot be painless.

I probably should start a thread regarding the ice dancing trend towards athletic emphasis, because I have a lot of concerns and ambivalnece.