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Thread: Pechalat, Bourzat ready to fight for worlds podium

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    Pechalat, Bourzat ready to fight for worlds podium

    Interview by Vladislav Luchianov, special to icenetwork

    They are happy to be competing at the rink they practice on everyday because their friends and Nathalie's family can watch their performance.

    Of course I'm first thinking about the top ranked skaters such as Meryl Davis and Charlie White and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, but we all have different styles which are very entertaining for the audience. But we think your question was more about the young teams like Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov or Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani. They have a high potential. Also, it's important that now the European figure skating can be proud and can be able to face the North American skaters.

    As for our main contenders, we respect them a lot as we already competed against Meryl and Charlie this season [at the Grand Prix Final] but since January and our victory at the European championships, we are stronger and determined than ever. We are also expecting Tessa and Scott, who were injured this year, to be on the top. We want a fair fight and great competition, and we want to show it to the Russian audience.

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    I am even less familiar with and cannot talk much about the technical aspects of ice dance than those of single and pair skating, but I find P/B's FD this year absolutely charming. It's my favourite, so I am rooting for them!

    Most of my favourite couples have retired this year, all of them were European. It'd be lovely to see P/B, a European couple, on the podium. I am also kinda flabbergasted to learn that they are now one of the oldest couples amongst the top dancers!

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    They are an excellent Team! I sometimes think they are underscored and awarded the bronze medal to fill the slot. However, the Russians are coming! With Virtue's injury at stake, this is becoming an interesting event.

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    A source indicated to me that P/B are in very good shape indeed and will be challenging.

    With no compulsories the event I imagine will be won by the short dance, there will be no room for error in that first phase, it is going to be interesting, yes the Russians are coming, but I don't think will be a force until next year or indeed 2013, which is where they should be ready!! (for Sochi)

    but I will be cheering for P/B they have been unlucky in previous seasons, always outside the podium, this is their best chance of bronze but maybe silver and you never know gold!

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    I think if they skate well this year they will for sure get the bronze or maybe the silver if Vitue & Moir arent in great shape. I dont think they can beat Davis & White or a fully fit Virtue & Moir. And if they make nervous mistakes like sometimes in the past with Worlds now being in Russia Bobrova & Soloviev might be moved ahead of them. Who knows that, alot of things could happen. I think most likely they end up 3rd though.

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