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Thread: Tessa/Scott Article

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    Tessa/Scott Article

    Universal sports

    Icenetwork also has one.

    On Virtue's quad injury at Four Continents

    TV: The issue with my quad was actually coming from my pelvis and my back. Around Four Continents it seemed to be stemming from a particular lift we were doing, which was a split lift. Upon returning home to Michigan we changed that lift immediately, so now we do an upside-down position instead of a split. That wasn't putting quite the torque on my pelvis and my back, so I haven't felt the repercussions in my quads since.
    Scott's annoyed because he's missing the playoffs. Heh.

    Also, noted is that they'll be in Moscow before their training mates to get more practice on the ice.

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    Glad they are going early. Tessa and Scott have never competed in Russia, and that rink is completely new to them. Good to go a bit early to get oriented.

    Best wishes to them; it's been a tough season with the surgery. It's great to see that they still have the desire to compete, even after the OGM and Tessa's injuries.

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    Thanks , pogue... I hope they're in good shape. I can hardly believe we're finally going to get our V/M fix ! Wheee !

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