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Well, did you know that had Weaver and Poje not bombed their FD at the 2011 4CC, they could improved their ISU World Ranking score to a point such that the ones who will be doing the Ice Dance QR for Canada would have been: Virtue/Moir

What logic is there to make the reigning Olympic and World Champion do the QR round? This is how non-sensical the current QR is.
Is not only the QR rule at ISU sucks big time, but also the ISU ranking point system as well. The points added in that ranking by Weaver / Poje in one year (where let's be honest, were not world beaters by any means, only another top team), should have not come close to add up to the V/M total, even those were off all season long. It seems to me, quantity prevails over quality in the point system. Sheesh.