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Thread: Preliminary Round Ladies

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    Preliminary Round Ladies

    Tuesday, 7:30am EST, 3:30pm Moscow time

    Start Order:

    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Sabina MARIUTA ROU
    2 Mary Ro REYES MEX
    4 Clara PETERS IRL
    5 Marina SEEH SRB

    Warm-Up Group 2
    6 Georgia GLASTRIS GRE
    7 Tiffany Packard YU HKG
    8 Birce ATABEY TUR
    9 Hristina VASSILEVA BUL
    10 Irina MOVCHAN UKR

    Warm-Up Group 3
    11 Bettina HEIM SUI
    12 Mericien VENZON PHI
    13 Melinda WANG TPE
    14 Dasa GRM SLO
    15 Lejeanne MARAIS RSA

    Warm-Up Group 4
    16 Ira VANNUT BEL
    17 Mae Berenice MEITE FRA
    18 Roberta RODEGHIERO ITA
    19 Joshi HELGESSON SWE
    20 Sonia LAFUENTE ESP

    Warm-Up Group 5
    21 Karina JOHNSON DEN
    22 Belinda SCHÖNBERGER AUT
    23 Elena GLEBOVA EST
    24 Min-Jeong KWAK KOR
    25 Juulia TURKKILA FIN
    26 Amelie LACOSTE CAN

    No big names stand out to me like in the Men's Prelim (ie. Brezina & Kozuka), but I expect Lacoste, Glebova, Helgesson, Lafuente, Berenice Meite, Vannut all to pretty much come through with no problem. Most have had the SB LP this season, mostly in the 90+ range. Lacoste with the highest of the bunch with a 101.96.
    Vannut is the highest ranked ladies from Europeans in the Prelims, 7th. Berenice Meite was 9th.

    I am guessing we won't be seeing any huge scores here (nothing past 105?) unless Lacoste does something spectacular. Most of the competition will come from the last two groups.

    Sure wish there was going to be a live feed.
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    I'd say Kwak and Turkkilla will also likely get through without issue, so long as Juulia makes sure to land/rotate the triples she does have and Min-Jung doesn't get hit too hard with downgrades.

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