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Thread: Who gets 3 places in the Mens division next season?

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    Who gets 3 places in the Mens division next season?

    I missed the full results page, and the ISU has blocked its Results.

    I presume Canada gets 3 skaters

    I'm sure Japan adds up to enough for 3.

    What does Russia get for their podium skater?

    What was the sum of the Americans?

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    Japan - 3

    Russia, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, France, Spain - 2

    The rest get 1.

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    The results page is not blocked.

    Canada only gets 2 spots because the best 2 skaters count and Reynolds finished way down in 20th.

    Gachinski gets 2 spots for Russia. Only Gold & Silver could get 3 spots if they are the only entry from a federation.

    The americans sum was 20, far from the 13 required.

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