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    Quote Originally Posted by YunaBliss View Post
    I am sorry for my ignorance, but maybe you can enlighten me further. Where in the rules does it say that a solo jump without entry transition automatically deserves -3 GOE?
    In communication 1611 (clicking on that will likely make you download a PDF file), under section IV, under the table "errors for which the GOE must be in the minuses", it says SP: SP: No required steps/movements preceding jump, -3. Elsewhere in the rulebook, defining step sequences, a mohawk is listed as a step.

    We can also refer to the ISU Special Regulations and Rules for Single, Pairs and Ice Dancing (clicking on that will make you download a huge PDF file at painfully slow speeds). Under the requirements for the senior ladies short program, it says:
    Triple jump immediately preceded by connecting steps and/or other comparable Free Skating movements
    It would seem even steps aren't required, some sort of "comparable" movement will do. I am not finding further clarification on the ISU site. But based on what I've read, it would be a real stretch to say that Yuna's steps and movements immediately preceding the 3lutz don't fulfill the steps/movement requirement. They may not fulfill the bullet point for +GOE given to a "unexpected / creative / difficult entry" before a jump, but that doesn't mean they deserve -3 either. So unless the ISU rules have been modified by a memo that I didn't find (entirely possible), I think the mostly -2's (which translates to a -1.5 in the actual score) for Yuna's 3lutz was not unreasonable.
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