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Thread: How many skaters can we send?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammers View Post
    It's getting pretty ridiculous with the US women not having more then 2 spots again next year. When will this mediocrity finally end?
    If this helps anybody I have a feeling USA could have sent 10 Ladies to Worlds this season and still not won a medal.
    OK, maybe Mirai at her best in both programs could have medaled but is anybody willing to bet their house on that happening?

    It's not a matter of having three that makes the difference but of having two that are going to skate well enough to qualify.

    Based on the season Jeremy and Adam had I would no tbet a whole lot that their presense would have made much difference for the US Men.

    We can see it is becoming a quad game for the Men and a clean Rippon was not going to get close to this podium. A clean Jeremy could have made a difference but that is a crap shoot at best. He could have finished 5-7 or 7-10 or even lower.

    I don;t think the US Men will be hurt by having two at Worlds next season. They will only be hurt if the two who go are not podium contenders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver.blades View Post
    Since the placements add up to 13, then Russia gets 3 spots next year. I'm not sure about qualifying, but I think the 3rd ranked team would have to skate qualifying becaue there wasn't a third team at worlds this year.
    Thank you. I'm sure the Russian federation is thrilled to have three spots the next year, given that they are attempting to build up their ice dance teams toward Sochi.

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