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Thread: What happened to the US Ladies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    I don't doubt it, but my question is "why?"

    Federations are "political" in an attempt to gain some kind of advantage over other federations. What advantage accrues to the USFSA to be mean, nasty, and corrupt?

    What would induce the USFSA President, for instance, to send a bum to worlds and leave a good skater home? Is that good politics?

    That seems more like the Republican Party nominating Donald Trump just to spite their own face.
    I don't believe that a group of officials and judges can be basically political and occassionally sleasy at Intl events and suddenly transform themselves into models of virtue at national events. That just doesn't fly with me.

    As to being political at Natls? It comes down to the samethings we see at international events. Many officials/judges (not all) tend to play their favorites and favors can be traded and repaid exactly the same way at natls as they are at intls.

    Big boosters and wealthy skating patrons can play a part as can certain coache's friendship or history of animosity with judges and techpanel have an effect on the results.

    What do you think we have been watching all of these years

    ETA: I left out TV influence. Although I am a Sasha fan, NBC has made it known they wanted Sasha as part of the 2010 Olympic team. Her SP marks reflected as much. Sadly for NBC, nothing could save Sasha's trainwreck of an LP.

    Had it been close the team would have been Sasha and Rachael.

    Do you really think Evan would have been treated the same as Jeremy had he just missed the Natls podium by a point last season?
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