So whe championship we feared will never take place finally went on its way and left us with tons of thing to remember, what were your fave and not so fave things about this Worlds?? These are mine..

Best Lights Out Perfromance:
Takahiko Kozuka LP. It's like after Nobu was beaten by Maths and Taka screwed by his boot screws (), Kozu decided to fight for the honour of JPN team and performed like the real champion we always knew he was.

Worst Meltdown:
Thankfullly there wasnt a real meltdown at the top. But I'll go with Kavaguti & Smirnov. They made lots of mistakes which solidify the change of guard in favor of V&T.

Most Underscored:
Javier Fernandez!! Solid SP and an amazing LP with two quads and lots of charisma yet his PCS are still a joke

Most Overscored:
Technically it should be P. Chan but he was so above the rest of the field that it doesnt matter, so I'll choose a case where the actual placement wasnt deserved: Kiira Korpi, she bombed so badly that she shouln't be on the top 10.

Happiest Moment:
Alena Leonova!! Damn that girl totally enjoyed every second of competing at Home Worlds. So great to see her with that fire on her. Honorable mention to Tatiana and Maxim making a huge splash and finally smiling.

Saddest Moment:
Pechalat & Bourzat's Kiss & Cry after the FD. Nuff said..

Most Awesome Moment:
Watching V&M and Yuna's programs for the first time. They were sooo brilliant that I really hate we only could see them once during the whole season.

Most What the... Moment:
Amodio with the help of Fergie making a precedent for the revolution of vocals in single skating.

Soo please tell me yourss..