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Thread: Your hightlights and your nightmares of Moscow 2011??

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    kozuka's lp
    yuna's comeback, fought hard
    kostner's lp


    speedy mocking dai

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallylutz View Post
    More like can't wait to get the hell out of the Kiss&Cry:
    You're seeing what you want to see, and you're trying to poison other people's perception of her. She smiled at her scores and placement, she waved. Then she got up.

    This is something that you do, not only with Yu-Na. It's with Meryl Davis, the Shibutanis...never any Canadian skater or team, of course. You try and plant seeds of discord in other posters' minds here; sometimes you stick to purely technical skating issues, but when that fails and you haven't converted anybody to your side, you switch to off-ice actions that you deliberately slant in order to try and sway the support for them. You're a master of politicking. Ohhh, the Shibutanis just aren't good looking enough. So, what, they should quit skating? So their PCS should be lower than everyone else's? I get the feeling that you say these things because you want to will it to be true, not because they are true. Oh, that Meryl Davis, so "dismissive" and "cold" (your exact words) towards the injured Tessa Virtue at 4CCs. Evil Meryl! You accomplished what you wanted, though, you sparked a lengthy, negative discussion about Meryl Davis that had nothing to do with them on-ice that appalled me.

    Actually, I should have known this was coming with Yu-na, the earlier attack you did on Meryl Davis's character was just a hint of what to come. After all, you previously indicated that you were inclined to mark Yu-na down over the split with Brian Orser, a post that was made here at Goldenskate. It's funny because you consistently spend so much time defending the integrity of the judging system and the credibility of the judges, but then reveal that off-ice things can play a factor in scoring on-ice. Well, you threw it all away with that remark, and you continue to do so with these personal attacks on (consistently non-Canadian!) skaters. Maybe non-Yu-Na fans won't care that you're targeting Yu-Na right now, but one day, you're going to turn your expert analysis to one of their favorite skaters, and they'll see how much they like it. It's a pity because when you stick to skating, I find much validity in your posts. But when you stray towards interpreting things off-ice, you are just as petty, biased, and cruel as the people on Youtube who spend all day long making hate videos.

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    - Figure skating in Russia!
    - Irina Slutskaya
    - Alissa Czisny's smile, her high expectations from herself, her determination.
    - Ksenia Makarova, Carolina Kostner such sweet girls and solid skating.
    - other European girls also showed great promise and doing their best.
    - S/S German Pairs team
    - Miki Ando, moving performances (especially Gala), deserving of a champion.
    - seeing Mao and Yu-Na skate
    - Flawless LP from Takahiko Kozuka
    - Daisuke's positive and stay happy attitude, also taking responsibilities for himself.
    - Meryl Davis / Charlie White winning
    - Euro youngsters challenging Plushenko, ie. Gachinski, Brezina, Amodio.

    - Canadian ladies doing so poorly, desperately need powerhoues such as Jo Rocket.
    - injuries to Rachel and reportedly Yu-Na, hopefully they can make a full and strong recovery.
    - seeing Mao & Yu-Na distracted by factors other than skating, hopefully things will work out for the best.

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    Kozuka's LP and awesome quad at worlds
    Czisny holding it together all season
    Mao's entire season, with the exception of 4cc
    Leonova's costumes/hair

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    - Patrick Chan winning the men's title
    - Kozuka's long program
    - Many quads being landed in the mens' free skate
    - Joubert redeeming himself after a bad SP, even though he didn't medal
    - The Russian women: Makarova's SP and Leonova's LP, specifically
    - Weaver/Poje coming top 5 in the world and finally defeating Crone/Poirier: not that I don't like Crone/Poirier, but I felt sorry for Weaver/Poje always losing to them by like half a point
    - Volosozhar/Trankov's SP and LP, and their eventual silver medal finish
    - Megan Duhamel/Eric Radford skating the free and getting a good result despite his broken nose
    - Ross Miner and Richard Dornbush giving good performances and getting respectable placements at their first worlds, despite the people who said they may not make the free skate
    - Seeing Tessa and Scott's FD in entirety, skated really well


    - Takahashi's boot problems, hands down the worst thing
    - The meltdowns of Kevin Reynolds and Joey Russell
    - Ryan Bradley performing below his best
    - Nobunari Oda breaking the rules yet again, resulting in tons of points loss
    - Amodio's joke of a free program
    - Joubert's short program, leaving him in 9th with almost no hope of a medal
    - Mao Asada's performances in both phases of the competition
    - Cynthia Phaneuf's 13th place finish after coming 5th last year
    - The below-expected performances of Viktoria Helgesson and Rachael Flatt, two personal favourites of mine
    - The fall by Pechalat/Bourzat in the FS, losing them the bronze medal
    - Kavaguti/Smirnov losing to Bazarova/Larionov in the SP and missing the podium (felt bad for them, even though they aren't favourites of mine)
    - Eric Radford getting his nose broken in the short program, although that turned out to not end badly for he and Meagan Duhamel
    - Oh yeah, and THE LACK OF SHAWN SAWYER

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    Highlight: Miki, Miki, you're so fine!

    Lowlight: Alissa lost her chance at a medal on that Lutz.

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    Highlight: Patrick's short, Carolina's long

    Nightmare: Nobu's third 3T and Dai's boot malfunction

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    Alissa missing her opening lutz really upset me, but then seeing how well she recovered and turned in such a nice LP absolutely lifted me up.

    So happy for Alissa and wish she could have medaled but it wasn't meant to be.
    Glad she is returning and I am already anticpating her new programs for next season.

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    Best Performances and Highlights:
    - Takahiko Kozuka's LP!! I was so thrilled at the end of his flawless programme, I was sobbing hysterically^^;
    - Patrick Chan's SP and LP, loved his calmness and composure, I was SO happy with his nearly perfect performances!!!
    - Virtue/Moir's SD and FD, they were absolutely amazing, as usual
    - Yu Na Kim's SP, even with the mistake
    - Michal Brezina' LP

    Worst Meltdown:
    - Probably Kiira Korpi...I was expecting good performances from her, so I was very disappointed, but I hope she'll come back stronger next season
    - And of course Rachael Flatt...I'm a big fan of her skating, so I was incredibly disappointed with her performances
    - Cynthia Phaneuf! I think she's a wonderful skater, unique and has great presence, but those jumps......such a pity

    Most Underscored:
    - Maybe Alissa Czisny...I don't know

    Most Overscored:
    - Maybe Leonova? But I must admit she really skated well this time, even though I don't like her style.
    - I thought D/W were a bit overscored in the SD too, but their LP was great
    - At first I thought Gachinski was overscored, but I think he did a great job landing all his jumps, so I can't really argue, he deserved the bronze I suppose

    Happiest Moment:
    - Kozuka's wonderful LP and getting the silver,
    - Chan and Brezina landing the quads,
    - Kim landing her 3-3 in the LP
    - Alissa recovering after her fall

    Saddest Moment:
    - Takahashi's boot problem. It just broke my heart.
    - Pechalat & Bourzat's Kiss & Cry after the FD. >>> Agree with you SamuraiKike

    Most Awesome Moment:
    Watching V&M and Yuna's programs for the first time. They were sooo brilliant that I really hate we only could see them once during the whole season. >>> Agree with you SamuraiKike

    Most What the... Moment:
    - Amodio with the help of Fergie making a precedent for the revolution of vocals in single skating. >>> Agree with you SamuraiKike
    - Oda making that mistake again
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    - The entire pairs competition, but especially the LPs of Savchenko/Szolkowy and Volosozhar/Trankov. Wow!! What a beginning to a great rivalry.
    - Takahiko Kozuka's LP. I grinned the whole way through.
    - Miki winning for Japan
    - The LP's of Carolina and was a privilege to watch them skate back to back.
    - Leonova's LP, for entirely different reasons as Caro and Alissa....she's so dramatic and she really delivered

    - Mao
    - Daisuke
    - P/B's fall. Actually the entire dance competition was one giant disappointment....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaylee View Post
    You're seeing what you want to see, and you're trying to poison other people's perception of her. She smiled at her scores and placement, she waved. Then she got up.
    Yu-Na was clearly disappointed with her placement, and there's nothing wrong with that. She's a brilliant athlete and was expecting to win, she didn't, but she put hereself together quickly and acted gracefully in the K&C. But her disappointment did show, and again, there's nothing wrong with that. No need to sugarcoat things or put her in a bad light either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallylutz View Post
    More like can't wait to get the hell out of the Kiss&Cry:
    Dude, I don't know what your problem is, but you are just a helpless yuna hater.
    I've read your posts, and you clearly are busy just posting hateful comments against her.
    Your past comments about (ex: she needs to take skating more serious etc) are just pathetic.
    But no matter what yuna haters like you say about her, it doesn't change the fact that
    Yuna Kim will be remembered as one of the most memorable, talented, and beautiful olympic
    gold medalist in the history of figure skating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puchi View Post
    Yu-Na was clearly disappointed with her placement, and there's nothing wrong with that. She's a brilliant athlete and was expecting to win, she didn't, but she put hereself together quickly and acted gracefully in the K&C. But her disappointment did show, and again, there's nothing wrong with that. No need to sugarcoat things or put her in a bad light either.
    Thanks for your post, Puchi. I can't find much to disagree with--I agree that there was some disappointment, and that her immediate reaction was graceful acceptance. I responded strongly because I felt it was clear that Yu-Na in no way showed an ounce of bitterness or had a reaction close to Surya Bonaly. I agree that there is no need to interpret things too much in either direction.


    Getting back on topic.

    - NA sweep of ice dance, Davis/White's historic win, Shibutani's unexpected medal, Virtue/Moir's awesome debut
    - Patrick Chan winning deservedly
    - Kozuka's beautiful LP
    - Pairs: entire podium
    - Yu-Na winning silver and Homage to Korea being a beautiful, moving LP

    - Daisuke Takahashi - no matter what, he is a great skater and a great champion.
    - Yu-Na's EX. - Whether it was an injury or a loss of confidence or something else, Yu-Na simply didn't sparkle like she can. She could have retired like many an Olympic champion before her but she chose the harder route. I think it must've been much harder than any of her fans, let alone her critics, realize. I can only wish her the best in whatever she does.
    - Mao Asada - I hope to see her and Yu-Na back at full strength whatever they do, whether it's competing or skating in shows, because it is truly tragic to see these two skate as a shadow of what their fans know they can be. I wish her the best as well. If she needs a long break, I hope she gets it.

    My thanks to Russia for so quickly putting on these Worlds.

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    Guys, there is an Ignore function on this board. Instead of falling for people trying to stir things up, go to your User CP and take advantage of it. Believe me when I say it makes competitions around here far more enjoyable.

    Okay then...This is a partial listing, as I've spent the last three days in Royal Wedding mode and also catching up on sleep. I've got it all on DVD thanks to the DVR, so will be catching up at some point, but here we go...

    Highlights for me...

    Patrick's win. I was in our London back in 2005 when this cute little kid w/sooooo much potential won the Jr title of Canada. So to see that potential reached on Thursday...I was in happy tears. Until the Medal Ceremony, but I'll get to that in a moment...

    Weaver and Poje finishing in the Top Five. That made my day yesterday. Even more than the NA Sweep in Dance. I know some don't agree, but I've felt the last two years SC's screwed them a bit at Cdns due to Crone and Poirer being *The Chosen Ones*. Well...Look where TCO's finished and the pair that should have been on the Olympic and World Team last year and IMO should have gone to Moscow as Cdn Champions ended up. This to me is the Sweetest Moment of Worlds.

    Alissa...SO thrilled for her. Yes, I also went "OH NO" when she fell on the lutz, but if the rest of the program isn't beyond a doubt proof she's gotten her nerves under control, then nothing will prove it to her naysayers. What a Worlds for her!!

    Miki winning. Been a fan of hers for a long time and so happy for her.

    Megan and Eric fighting through what happened in the SP to actually comeback and skate such a great LP. So proud of them and after this, they can do *anything*.

    Taka's Silver...YAY for another skater's skater winning a medal. Been in love w/his skating since I saw him for the first time and what a way to rise to the Occasion. I adore his edges, sooooo smooth.

    Team Japan's performance overall. No one would have blamed any of them if they'd come into these Worlds and not performed well. All of them, yes even poor Nobu, deserve a rousing Standing Ovation for how they perservered and performed under unbelievable pressure to provide a bright spot of joy for their Home Country.

    Dai...Yes, to me this is a highlight and to me, showed just what kind of a competitor he is. He knew his equipment had let him down once, wasn't sure he could count on it, but went back out there and delievered one heck of a gutsy Free. He more than proved he's got the Heart of a Champion.

    All of the breakthrough performances/Skates Of Their Lifes we saw. There is nothing more fun to watch, than a skater or team's reaction after they've really *delievered* that special performance. My personal favourite reactions were the Russian skaters who got to have that happen at home. That makes it even more special.

    Tessa and Scott...WELCOME BACK!!!! Oh my, oh my, oh my...That FD was Ooooh la la!! I was literally gushing over their SD, as they were just soooo smooth and like they'd never missed a step. There were bobbles here and there in the FD, but nothing that ruined the Va Va Va VOOOM mood of it though. Am I selfish in hoping they keep it for next season? I mean...In reality, we never did get a chance to see it enough and can you imagine w/a full season to work on that thing?

    John and Catilin's Free Skate. John's Mom is very proud of him up there on the cloud she was watching their skate from. That was even more magical to me than US Nationals was. Beautiful.


    That sad excuse of a Medal Ceremony for Patrick. Not only was there a playing of an edited version of Oh Canada, but they also took their sweet time getting the spotlights on the flags. Every other Gold Medalist/s got their Anthem played in full and got to see the flags from the start, but not the Men. No excuse for that and was bush league!! I said it in the thread and I'll say it again here...

    No Gold Medalist ever deserves to be treated that way during their Medal Ceremony!!!

    It's that inexcusible slap in the face to Patrick that keeps me from saying Moscow put on a perfect Worlds. They did put on a good Worlds, but that...Patrick didn't deserve that.

    Nobu...Oh Nobu...What can I say that hasn't been said? Sigh...

    Yu-Na and Mao...It's been painful to watch Mao all season, but to see her here I'm now officially worried. What has happened to that girl? Dear Lord...She's far, far too thin!! No wonder the jumps have gone bye bye. She's got almost no muscle tone to even try and get them up in the air anymore. Now that the season's over, someone get some food into her and STAT!!

    As for Yu Na....What has happened to her spark? I get she was tired due to all she's tried to do this year, but perhaps someone needs to sit her down and teach her how to say, "No, I can't do that show. I need to stay at my training base and train." If that had happened, then *maybe* she could have pulled this off. Regardless, I miss the spark and joy in her skating. It was so sad to see her yesterday on the Podium. I understand it though, as she really did think she could do this. A shame.

    Yuka and Sasha...So sad to watch.

    Speedy's reaction to Dai's skate malfunction. It's been touched on elsewhere, so I won't say much more than ITA. Which leads me into...

    That rule that a skater only has three minutes to fix whatever problem has happened or they're disqualified. That needs to either be changed or wiped off the books entirely. I mean...Seriously? Is anyone seriously thinking that was enough time to properly secure the heel portion of the blade back to the sole of the heel of the boot? Not to mention time to check to make sure the repair was properly done? My Dad was watching the Final Flight w/me and even he said, "Are they crazy sending him back out there w/such a quick repair? If it happens again, he could seriously hurt himself."

    Exactly!! Either the rule needs to change to give the skater the option of skating last, and giving themselves the time to fix the problem properly or if the last skater, enough time to fix the problem w/no fear of disqualification. This three minutes or disqualification is not only stupid, but could have serious ramifications at some point down the road. It needs to go!!

    I haven't seen P&B's FD yet, as I only had enough time yesterday to take a quick peek at my Disk to watch Tessa and Scott and Meryl and Charlie before the repeat of the Ladies FS on Bold started. That was due to me somehow screwing up the Timer programming of it earlier yesterday morning and both are now on the same disk. Anyway...I've heard what happened though and...Sigh!! I may not always like their programs, but they're never boring or cookie cutter and I respect them for that. Poor Natalie and Fabian.

    Cynthia's two skates.

    I won't add Amelie, Kevin or Joey to my lowlights. For one skater where it was his very first Worlds and had to do the Qualifying Round just to compete and two who were Late Replacements, and in Kevin's case also still recovering from what sounded like a pretty serious hip injury, I thought they did a pretty good job. It's one of those "Chalk it up to Experience" things. Not a highlight or a lowlight, but inbetween.

    Can't wait to watch my Disk of the Gala later and see if some of those performances will be added to the Highlights list of mine.

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    Kostner's LP

    Leonova's SP

    first minute of V/M's freee dance

    Chan throughout

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