I post this article in another thread. What do you think about DIVAS among opera singers, violinists, movie stars and skaters? In the October issue of BBC music magazine, Hahn was minted as a diva, which drove (nice pianist) Garrick Ohlsson crazy and he finally walked away from a joint project.


Kathy Battle’s diva antics were, if not catalogued in affidavit form, recycled with enough spin to make her seem like an amalgam of Streisand, Ross and Eminem. The litany had her reducing colleagues to tears with tantrums; refusing to rehearse with "no-name" conductors; refusing to speak to "underlings" and complaining if they made eye contact.

In marketing terms having a bit of attitude, in the sometimes ossified world of classical music, is a plus. For a wider audience it infuses Battle performances with an added frisson of soap opera.

Will she show up? Will there be tantrums backstage? Will she behave?

It's sort of like setting out for a Nina Simone concert where the drama starts long before the lights go down: it could be a bumpy night and you need to fasten your seat belt. You're part of the drama.