Good informative post! I didn't realize there was a rule about skating in Worlds for getting an extra event. In that case I would put in Jeremy and Adam and who else for SA. And Mirai and which two in SA. Just so they have 2 GPs. However,

I would not put either of the two newbees to be negated or negate one of them. Armin, at this point in time, would be my choice.

I would not put Czisny against Mirai. Both these gals have a fight elsewhere.

I'm not so sure Americans have strong skaters. I do believe they have competitive skaters but none of them are really obvious podium finalists.

We have 2 podium potential finalists in Ice Dance, and one possible to slip in if 8 teams are now qualified, but that is all I can see of the Americans

Much depends on the possible 'increasing of the number of Finalists'. That should be taken up in their annual pow wow.