I would've liked to hear more about her thoughts on the Shibutanis, but overall I agree with her

Patrick perfectly represents what I would define as the ideal male skater. Excellent in technique as well as in the artistic side of our beautiful sport, without becoming feminine. Thank you, Patrick, for the intense artistic emotion you gave me.
(On Takahashi) He is a very appealing and charismatic skater, with a great personality. It is really sad that he could not perform at his best because of this accident.
Miki Ando of Japan won the world title for the second time. In the short program, she placed second, very close to Yu-Na Kim of Korea. But in my opinion, her short program, skated to The Mission, was the best of the day. All her jumps were of the highest quality, as well as her step sequences and spins. It was a beautiful and romantic program, skated with a lot of class. She should have been given first place.
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