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Incidentally, Sonia and I have been emailing back and forth about combining our pool of contacts in order to get a record number of people to sign my proposed CoP changes (the closest version that everyone can come to agreement upon anyway) and submit them to ISU as a large coordinated push from a source outside of an individual member Nation. I have submitted in the past, as have others (and we have seen changes here and there as a result), but I believe this would be the most concentrated effort ever since CoP came about.
How does one join the Pool?

Have you officially joined the "Kostner should have won the LP" train, then? Please say yes. We can't live in a World where you think Alena Leonova deserved 1st.
No - Miki should have won according to the CoP. I am opining that Kostner had the most beautiful skate of the Ladies. It's just my taste, and I also thought Alene had the most bravado skate of the ladies.