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Thread: Pang and Tong married?

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    Pang and Tong married?

    I came across this fan picture of the tired couple signing autographs after a show.

    Notice the rings?

    I can't find any news of a wedding. Found a video interview where they expressed it should be soon but a secret.

    Also came across a touching write up in 2005, describing a big cry they had from which they became more determined than ever, as well as why they could not be lovers. I may try to translate if there is interest.

    eta. Sorry. My mistake. So rushed with the description that, well you know, how they all look alike.

    But I have recently just read up more about these Chinese pairs and what they had to go through to get where they are and to become couples. Very moving and a contrast with the American pairs. The love stories contrast with each other as well. One partnership, not the eventual relationship, was like an arranged marriage whereas the other was like love at first sight, except without proper coaching, they fought so much that they stopped talking for a week.
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