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Thread: Adrian back on track

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    Adrian back on track

    From his official site:

    One year to forget, many good ones to come. It has been a hard year for me, but I still believe, more than before. I see only possibilities at the moment and I will follow them
    Thanks to all and everyone who has been supporting me during this hard, struggling season.
    Take care! 

    Sounds great!

    I am sure the support he got from GS members(A letter-writing project for Adrian Schultheiss fans) and others helped him a lot

    This week Adrian participated in a Swedish National Teams camp.

    Two creative programs, no injuries, positive thinking and next season is yours

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    Thanks for the update. Good news.

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    Thank you, Snowflake. It's wonderful to get good news about Adrian. I wish him all the best!

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    I've always enjoyed the uniqueness of Adrian's skating! I'm so pleased that he is in better spirits!! Thanks for the update!

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    That's good that he's going to come back. I was ok with him quitting if he really wanted to, of course, but it would be sad to see him go on a bad note.

    I hope Majorov has a better worlds next year too.

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