The club (non-qualifying) competition season is underway in the U.S. and this is a general thread for all comp. information/discussion/results from smaller comps/etc. I expect there will be specific event threads for the larger club competitions (Broadmoor Open, Liberty, Skate Detroit, Lake Placid Dance, Indy Pairs, Glacier Falls, Golden West, etc.) as there has been in the past.

Unseen Skaters Online's "Scoretracker" is entering its fourth year as an unofficial resource for club competitions in the United States. Scores have been updated as of May 20 based on all available results known to date for USFS Juvenile-Senior level singles competitors and pair teams (dance scores may be included this year as well):
Corrections, additions and/or feedback are welcomed via the site or here in this thread.

Current "Top Ten" scores at each level:

Chronological list of club competitions by month with known online results and info links is regularly updated in the "Competitions" section:

Hurray for the new skating season!