I think we can go examine every situation and find out it was more complicated than how it's portrayed.

2002: Chait/Sakhnovski were politicked onto the podium, leading to the petition (spearheaded by Albena Denkova), accusations of payouts that bordered on anti-semitism, and a general backlash.

2008: Khoklova/Novitski. They benefited from retirements, withdraws and a fall from a top team. They barely made the podium (beating Belbin/Agosto by.... 0.26) despite accusations that they were overmarked as well.

Now, I can point out the differences. The Shibs are gonna likely get better. S/Z know COP better than any other choreographer/team. However, IF there is a backlash against S/Z, the Shibs are gonna be the ones hit first