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Thread: Is any one of Joannie, Johnny or Evan coming back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
    The 2011 Japan Open is October 2.

    I saw Joannie in SOI this spring. All she did were a couple of 2As and a 2S. I think she will need to work hard over the summer on regaining her triples if she wants to make a good showing at the Open.
    In an article on Icenetwork the other day she said no to competition next year but yes to the Japan Open:
    "Rochette took this week off from skating, but will be back on the ice on Monday to start preparing for shows in Korea in mid-July. She doesn't expect to compete this year, but said she will go to the Japan Open if it's held and she's invited.
    "I'll have to train for the long program, which will be quite hard," she says. "We'll see after that."

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    Joannie is saying exactly what I said. It's a big jump from skating easy exhibition programs to doing a 6-triple FS.

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    The way the sport is once again evolving, I see little reason for athletes of their calibre to feel as if there is only the path of back or forth. Certainly the proposal in the works from Scott Hamilton suggests that the hybrid pro-am event could once again be a reality and skaters like Joannie would be very well served, as would the sport (by attracting fans, television and media coverage, etc) by continuing with a career which expands on opportunities like these (e.g., Japan Open).

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