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Thread: MIKI ANDO Official Thread

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    MIKI ANDO Official Thread

    Miki is a 2 time World Champion and multiple Japanese National Champion
    She has also won the 4 Continents Championships!

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    I posted here several main information on Miki, but got this notification:
    "Your post was moved to the Announcement forum as it contained a link to a site which is not a current GS media partner/sponsor. Thank you for your understanding."

    But I don't see it in the Announcements, and it seems I lost all of my post at hand.

    Could the mods restore it into this thread eliminating the problem, because I can't identify what link is the matter in view of Guidelines.
    Thank you in advance.

    ETA: So it may be possessor of the ranking page who doesn't fit the guidelines, I presume.
    Could the mods erase only the link?
    If you've lost the whole post, please tell me; I'll try to write it all over again.
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